Tavix Fancy Farm

About Our Farm
Tavix Fancy Farm is almost 20 acres nestled in beautiful Anderson County, Kentucky. 
We raise miniature horses, miniature llamas, meat and milk goats, and heritage poultry. 

We also have a Dutch Belted cow named Bisco, who provides us with wonderful fresh milk, cream and butter as well as providing nourishment for any babies who need it!   We've recently added a small flock of Kahtadin/Dorper cross sheep and should have lambs for sale next year, and we have a small herd of  miniature pigs who are quite content living in the pasture. Our poultry yard is quite the sight, with free range chickens, pilgrim geese, ducks and peacocks all living on almost a quarter of an acre with a pond of their very own!  We raise rabbits, and just purchased our first Quail, Pharoh Coturnix and Mexican Speckled Bobwhite.  We have two adult Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs and an Anatolian puppy who's learning fast, several house dogs, barn cats, pigeons and doves! Needless to say, our lives are full! 

We believe strongly that every life is valuable and deserves the very best we can give to it, even those destined to feed us. Therefore, we only raise a few babies each year so we can concentrate on each and every one of them, giving them the very best start we can before sending them off to their new homes.

Charlie And Gabby, our LGDs
Pilgrim Geese
ROR White Orchid