Tavix Fancy Farm

New Arrivals!
this page is for the newest arrivals at Tavix Fancy Farm! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

 We are absolutely trilled to welcome ROR Tea Square to our farm as our future herd sire. He is a beautiful and tiny silver Suri, and we are  so excited to see what he produces!
In our continuing efforts to diversify, we have added a small flock of Kahatdin/Dorper cross sheep to our farm. These are what are known as  Hair Sheep, meaning that they do not need to be sheared every year, they shed their  wool each spring. All four of our starter flock are super friendly, and a welcome addition to the farm!  Hopefully we will be able to offer some lambs for sale next spring.
 Charlotte, one of our  miniature pigs, presented us with 5 babies last week!  These are not the so-called 'Teacup"' miniature, and they will mature, depending on feeding, at  about 50 pounds. We actually have 3 miniature pigs and they live on pasture and  with  little supplemental feed all summer. Our pigs, at least, tend to graze rather than rooting ,  These babies will all be for sale when they are weaned. They are not being excessively handled, and so will be suitable as heritage pork rather than actual pets, although they will not be completely wild either.

 And Finally, here is Juno, also known as JuJu , Our first Anatolian Shepard. She's small now at only 8 weeks old, but will be 28-30 inches tall and weigh over a hundred pounds when she's grown - and will do a wonderful job taking over the guard duties from Charlie and Gabby when the time comes! We are carefully socializing her with everything on the farm, from poultry to pigs to cows horses and mini llamas, so she will consider all  the living creatures 'hers' to guard.
Juno, all grown up now - and absolutely nothing gets by her.